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General advice on wedding planning

If you would like the upcoming wedding event to be successful and pass through smoothly without any problem, then a few suggestions would be helpful for you in this matter.
It would be a good idea to prepare the guest list at least a month before the wedding day. If you are aware of the date of the wedding, then do inform the close relatives and friends in advance. Also, do not forget to formally invite everybody to the marriage.
An invitation card went to the postal address or by any digital more like an email is always good for the memory problem. Once the visitors have a card they can easily remember the date time and place of the wedding event. So do not forget to inform them about the wedding formally.

If you would like to plan the wedding economically, then it would make perfect sense to only invite selected guests. It is irrelevant and unnecessary to invite everybody in the wedding just for the sake of it. Only people who are close relatives and near and dear to you should be invited to the ceremony. This will save you from additional expenditure that has to be spent on guests and their management. In short, in order to plan a successful budget wedding, you just need to know your spending limits, be practical and plan expenditure of the wedding as per the budget.
These tips should be enough to plan a successful wedding event. If you need more advice on this subject, then you can always contact and discuss this subject with your close relatives and friends. A word of advice from each one of them would be helpful in their own little way. Do understand that marriage is a big as well as important occasion so collective decision making or at least discussing important matters is always beneficial.